Saturday, January 24, 2009

Walk and Walk aaaand Walk...

Okay so i know that i am really bad at updating this and i am very sorry. So just a little recap. This last Sunday i went to my Ward, the Lee Valley Ward, and everyone there is SO nice! There are probably 100 people in our ward and 92% are African people! It is so awesome. I recieved a calling as the Youth Sunday School teacher, which i am really excited for. On Monday me and a couple of the girls went and saw Phantom of the Opera! It was of course amazing. On Tuesday all of us went to the Wax Museum, and the best part about it is that we got in for free!! They let all American's in for free in honor of President Obama's inaguration! it was really fun to spend a couple hours there and take pictures was some famous people! And then tuesday night some of me and the girls kind of went a little crazy. Okay so here is the story. Mckell wanted to go out and buy and I Love London shirt, so we start off searching for the shirt. All four of us wanted one so we kept trying to make this deal of 4 for 12 pounds. Everyone was turning us down when finally on our SIXTH store they easily let us buy them. So then afterwards we put on our I Love London Shirts and took some total tourist pictures. We decided to just hop on the bus and let it take us to wherever it was going. We ended up in Picadelly Circus. We started walking along and we started singing broadway songs. Eventually we started to break into a dance and before we know it, here we are singing Mama Mia, dancing in the dead center of Picadelly Cirus! (which is equivalent to New York's Time Square). We had one of the girls video us dancing and it was so funny to see these people's reactions to our performance. Many people were laughing and there were also many weird stares. In the end it was a very fun and spontaneous night!! On Wednesday we spent a marvelous day in Bath, Sailsbury and Stoneheng!

Bath is this amazing old town. The city is named Bath after these Roman Baths there were found there. The Baths are still fully intact and everything still works. The water is really warm and the drainage system STILL works! It was so amazing to see all of this! After that we went to Sailsbury Cathedral, which is this amazing old and huge chathedral that has been added onto through out the centries so there are different sections of the cathedral that have a different look to it. After that we went to stonehenge and it amazing to finally see this place in person. I cant believe how those things got there!!

On Thursday we all went and saw the Philharmonia Orchestra perform! It was absolutley amazing!! The orchestra was unbelievable. Today we went down to Oxford street and it is the ALL TIME cutest place to shop in London! It was amazingly busy today, because it was a saturday. This street has all stores imageanable! The stores kept going and going, i felt like i was in a movie. Of course i had to make some purchases, and they were GOOD ones! Luckily everything is on sale right now so it was all pretty cheap. Well i am sorry that i have not been the best at keeping this thing updated but i promise that i will try a little harder! :)

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