Monday, February 9, 2009

Dover Castle, St. Augustines, Caterburry and the Weekenddddd!

Okay so it has been a fun filled week and a half! Last week I was dying to play the GUITAR so me and Mckell went on a hunt to find a guitar! We found this cute little street that had all these guitar shops. We checked about five shops and finally I found the one! It only cost me 60 pounds and the best part is it is BLUE! I was very delighted to play the guitar again but sad that my calluses had gone away, and if you know much about playing the guitar you know that it can hurt your fingers very badly. Even though I had stinging fingers it felt so good to be playing again.

On Wednesday it was yet again another travel day. We went to Dover Castle and also the White Cliffs of Dover. It was such a cool place! Dover is a place where they used the castle a lot of the times for war. I believe William the Conqueror was the first to build it and then many kings added on to it. When they were building it they build many secret tunnels. These tunnels were used in WWII and were a major station for war at that time. We also were able to see the beautiful white cliffs of Dover, which the castle is located on top of. After that we went to St.Augustine’s Chapel. When we got there we realized that it was actually the ruins of the Chapel. It was cool to see the explanations of what used to be in certain sections. After looking at the site a lot of us girls started taking a lot of pictures, typical girls. After that we all went to the beautiful Canterbury Cathedral. This is one of my favorite cathedrals so far. It looked like what I would picture a cathedral in my head. It was bare with no chairs, wide and very tall. It was so beautiful to walk around in. One of my favorite things about walking around in these cathedrals is the peace. It is so quiet and everyone around you is just talking in a whisper, I love it. After spending some time we wandered around the cute little town.

On Thursday a couple of the girls and I went to go see JERSEY BOYS!! It was such a fun show. I will have to admit that it did go by very slow and the beginning was very slow, but the music was very exciting and at the end of the show everyone was on their feet dancing! It was so much fun.
This past weekend was a fun filled weekend for us girls. On Friday there was a Young Single Adults dance. Mckell and I decided to wear our I heart London shirts to the dance, just to be funny and weird. At the dance me and Mckell went up to this guy who seemed like a pretty good dancer. We challenged him and his friend to a battle. We battled for the longest time! Seriously probably like 20 minutes. It was SO much fun! I have bruises on my knees from doing the worm on the hard wood floor, but it was totally worth it haha. Afterward we went to get ice cream with a bunch of the boys and it was a lot of fun. The next day was our friend Abby’s birthday so we invited the boys to come, mind you they live an hour and a half away. The boys excitedly accepted our invitation. On Saturday night we all went to Nandos, well before we went to Nandos me Mckell , Mckenzie and Molly all went and saw the play 39 steps. It was an Alfred Hitchcock play and it was really funny. There were only 4 people in the play and all of them together played one hundred and twenty odd something characters! It was a really fun play to see. So anyways back to Nandos. So we went to Nandos for her birthday and then afterwards we all had a video scavenger hunt! It was so much fun and it was fun to hang out with kids our age and get to know some people from England.

Sunday was fun. We went to church as usual and then after sacrament I found out that the pianist for primary was gone so I got to play the piano for primary! It was so much fun. The little children are so adorable are very smart. After that we had an amazing fireside by on Elder Ford, who is in an area 70 authority, and then the other one, Elder Sabrouski, was in THE actual quorum of the 70! They were amazing men and spoke with such power; I enjoyed what they had to say very much.

Today we went and saw the Tower of London! It was so fun to see, despite that it was raining and freezing cold the whole time that we were there. We were able to see where Anne Boleyn was executed and buried. We also got to see the famous tower where so many people were held prisoner and carved their names into the wall, it was so interesting to see. I feel so lucky to be able to be here in this amazing city. I hope that I will take advantage of this experience as much as I can, because there is MUCH to see and MUCH to learn.