Monday, January 26, 2009

Another Day in London!

So Today was just a relaxed day, but still fun. I slept through breakfast (as usual) and then i woke up and went to my Religion class at 9:00. After that i just got ready for the day. Me Mckell, Mckenzie, Steph, Ana and Sarach all went the National Portrait Museum. We went into the the famous Annie Leibovitz gallery and it was amazing to see the work she can do in just a photograph. I also saw paintings of Anne Boleyn, Mary Qeen of Scotts, King Henry VIII and many pictures of Queen Elizabeth I. Its amazing to me to see such old works of art. Europe holds so much HISTORY!! I LOVE it!! everywhere we go there is one historical thing to another. After we went to the museum we walked a little bit around Trafalgar square, which was absolutly beautiful due to the amazing sunny weather we had today! (i didnt even wear a jacket) We came home and had dinner and i took a little nap :) After that we watched American Idon, FINALLY! This one girl found a website were we can watch the full episodes, so we put it on the projector in the classroom and enjoyed the show! I can not wait to see what other adventures London has yet to give me!!

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