Friday, January 16, 2009

Foggy London Town!

So it has now been officially ten days here in LONDON and i am loving every bit of it. The weather isnt really too bad here. Last Saturday is SO cold, but ever since then it has been totally ok. It is what everyone says it is though, definitly foggy London town. On Monday I went and saw Les Miserables and it was the most beautiful show that i have ever seen! I was basically crying through the whole thing, i love it :) On Tuesday Me and my new friend Amy went to Harrods!!! Ok so it is probably the nicest "mall" that i have ever seen. When you walk in it looks like a palace for clothes and such. In Harrods they have a "food court", if that is even the proper word to call it, probably more like HEAVEN!! It is like the nicest food and the best ice cream ever!! Right after the ice cream parlor is this long hallway of diamonds and jewels. I felt like the store never ended. I picked up a scarf just to see how expensive this place actually is and let me tell you, yeah the scarf was 300 pounds!!! Which is even more in American money! yeah no big deal, just a scarf for 300 pounds! So yeah i didnt buy anthing there it was so expensive, but so much fun to walk around in.

On Wednesday the whole group went together and we all went to Cambridge! It was the cutest little town. Cambridge University is, of course, in Cambridge. Cambridge University consists of a bunch of other colleges. The campus's of all the colleges are unlike any campus i have seen before. The classrooms and college looks like a castle! Almost straight out of Harry potter!! It was so cool to see everything there, Isaac Newton Went there!! Kings College has a chapel and we went to one of their services and it was SO cool. A boys choir sang a lot of the time and they were very good. We had to participate in the service so we had to kneel and say a prayer, it was an interesting experience. OH! i forgot to say! Before we stopped at Cambridge we went to this WWII Burial Site, that England donated to the United States. The US uses this land as a grave site for WWII victams that were killed over in Europe. It was really a site to see.

Today we all went to Westminister Abbey! It is the most amazing church ever! There are so many famouse people burried there. I saw Queen Mary of Scotts, Queen Elizabeth I, King Henry VII and VIII, Jane Austen, Fredrick Handel and so so many more!! The Architecture inside the church is absolutly stunning!

I am enjoying these experience so much here! I can not wait to go to my new ward, the Lee Valley Ward, on sunday and to recieve my calling! London is so full of exciting and i love it!

So the First picture is a picture of a bridge that leads over to Kings College. The College Can been seen a little bit on the right hand side, see it looks like a castle!!
The Second picture is at the WWII graves.
The Third Picture is St. Albans Church
And the Fourth Picture is me with my favorite crepe so far, its called, Ill Have What She's Having, wich strawberry fudge Whiped cream and caramel! It is AH-MA-ZING!!!!

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